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I am the Germany Columnist with Reuters Breakingviews and the former International Economics Correspondent with Handelsblatt, Germany's business and financial daily. Born in 1974, I studied Economics at the University of Cologne and Journalism at the Cologne School of Journalism. I was with Handelsblatt from 2001 to 2012. Initially I wrote about dot.com mania. After the e-business frenzy was over I covered the business cycle and economic policy. In 2005 I introduced a weekly section on economic science for Handelsblatt. Jointly with Norbert Häring I worte the awardwinning book "Economics 2.0 - What the best minds in Economics can teach you about Business and Life". I´m also the author of the German languaged book on the financial crisis ("Die Jahrhundertkrise - Über Finanzalchemisten, das Versagen der Notenbanken und John Maynard Keynes"). Since I'm an avid cyclist I'm also blogging about cycling: http://cycling-intelligence.com.

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