Join the Blackfriars Flashride on Friday!

The Road and Pedestrian Blackfriars Bridge fro...
Blackfriars Bridge (Image via Wikipedia)

Boris Johnson is talking a lot about the “cycling revolution” that is supposed to happen in London. However, the reality is slightly different. Traffic planning in the city is still car-centric and not cycling friendly.

A telling  example are the plans with regard to Blackfriars bridge. As Mark (“I bike London”) summarises the plans:

” The speed limit will be increased from 20mph to 30mph, cycle lanes will be squeezed and shoved to one side, carriageways for cars will increase from two lanes to three.  In all effect, they are hell-bent on creating a 1960s-style urban motorway, completely to the detriment of all other road users…”

These plans really are a joke. For months, cycling activists have been campaigning against the ideas, but Boris did not care. Now, it’s the point where we all have to take action. Tomorrow, there will be a cyclist demonstration on Blackfriars bridge. I’ve just received the following email from London Cycling Campaign:

Blackfriars matters to all of us as it is symptomatic of TfL’s car centred planning prevalent on in all London boroughs and it is likely to define the City for decades to come.

So we’re asking all London cyclists to show their anger at the lack of action to improve safety for cyclists at Blackfriars by joining LCC’s slow ride across the bridge tomorrow at 6pm.

Please meet us outside Doggetts pub at the south end of the bridge

Our message is “Why aren’t you listening, Boris?”

I’ll be there tomorrow at 6 pm – and I hope I’ll see you, too.

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