Fatalities in London

When living in London from 2009 to 2017, I started to collect information about severe cycling accidents in the British capital.

The number of cyclists killed in London per year varies massively. On average, from 1986 to 2010 , 17.2 cyclists died per year. If there is any trend, there seems to be a slight decline in the more recent years. The average from 1986 to 1999 was 18.3 while from 2000 to 2010 it was 15.9. However, the  yearly variation is huge. For example, in 2004 only 8 cyclists died. One year later the number rose to 21. The worst year as 1989 with 33 fatalities. (Detailled statistics about long term trends are available here.)

Please read my comments regarding the interpretation of the data and be also aware that is is not complete, especially for early years.

I left London in late 2017 and am not putting too much focus on the data anymore, but other people for now keep updating it.

If you know about severe accidents which are missing or have additional information about a listed incident please drop me an email: o.storbeck@gmail.com

This table is available on Google Docs.

20 thoughts on “Fatalities in London

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  9. Bob Larkins

    It is going to be interesting to see what the accident/injury statistics for cyclists in London will be for the duration of the Games. Locog/TfL seem to have urged commuters to cycle while busily closing the routes that enable safe cycling.

  10. James Taylor

    Since the canal route has been closed to cyclists due to the Olympic games, I now have to divert along Ruckholt Rd through many fast junctions, and sadly where this young man was killed this evening, at East Cross Rd to Victoria Park.
    It is not safe for any cyclists to have to ride there, even though it is on the designated diversion route. No thought has gone into this despite Locog claiming to be a ‘ cycle-friendly Olympics. Instead we have a diverted route where one cyclist was killed and many risk their lives.

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  16. Jean Thompson

    We’re onto the 9th cyclist to be killed this year – 2013 – tipper lorries and buses being the main culprits and now some idiot has condoned hitting cyclists as they get in the way of drivers!! What are we becoming!? As usual, government stats dictate that we need more cyclists to save the environment, but, without training, Insurance or priority how can we send them out there? Its like a war zone – they’re the new innocents sent in to fight a political war

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