Cycling in London – Assorted Links 01/02/2012

Boris Bike crushed by a lorry on Old Street Roundabout – Twitter

Boris, Ken, Brian or Jenny? Giving Londoners on bikes the “Yes We Can” factor – I bike London blog

Southwark Labour council sets out a strategy to shrink current growth in cycling, that also runs counter to Ken Livingstone’s cycling policy. – Cyclists in the City blog

‘My ward has been the scene of too much tragedy. Four cyclists have died in the last two years within a two-minute walk of my home’. The response to this situation in Southwark by its Labour council is utterly irresponsible– Cyclists in the City blog

I remember screaming ‘stop, stop’, says cyclist dragged under left-turning tanker – The Evening Standard

Mary Dejevsky: Why we should all fear for friends who insist on cycling in the city -The Independent

Transport minister Theresa Villiers involved in cycling accident – The Guardian

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