Cycling in London – Assorted Links 03/02/2012

Gosh, the number of articles about cycling in London and road safety in particular is booming at the moment. See yourself:

Champions call for safer cycling on roads  – The Times

Mother who turned her tragedy into a fight for safer lorries – The Times

From the driver’s cab, cyclists are all but invisible – The Times

The politics of cycling safety – Dave Hill’s London (The Guardian)

Safety comes first if we want a cycling revolution – Jenny Jones on “Comment is Free” (The Guardian)

New City of London road layout proves Transport for London has got cycle safety completely wrong at junctions – Cyclists in the City

London’s cycle infrastructure, and reallocation of road space – As Easy as Riding a bike

Monday 6 February action at King’s Cross : reminder – and news – Bikes Alive

Dan Cox – Marking the Death of Another London Cyclist – Huffington Post

Road accident statistics: how safe are our roads? – Data Blog (The Guardian)

The best way to reduce the number of cyclist deaths is to get more people cycling   – The Daily Telegraph

‘Next London Mayor must do more for cyclists,’ says father of designer hit by bus – Camden New Journal

Driver charged with manslaughter after open car door leads to death of cyclist –

Family of cyclist Eilidh Cairns to relaunch safety campaign – Journal Live

And last but not least, here’s my latest article about “The Times” and its cycling campaign:

Is this our “Stop de Kindermord” moment?

Cycling in London – Assorted Links 02/02/2012

Today marks a launch of an excellent campaign by “The Times” to “Save our cyclists”. Here are some links to their coverage about cycling safety:

Cities fit for Cycling – the landing page of the campaign.

Vicious Cycle Riding a bicycle in Britain is far too dangerous. Today, The Times launches a manifesto for those who pedal on our roads

A New Covenant for Cycling

On the road to more agony and regret . . . if we don’t act now

Kaya Burgess on his friend and colleague, whose journey to work ended in critical injury

Readers comments on the campain

Danny Williams, the most prolific cycling blogger who deserves a lot of credit for getting the public debate about cycling safety going, comments on the campaign and on cycling safety in general: Boris Johnson – you promised a ‘cycling revolution’ and you’ve completely failed to deliver. Even The Times suggests your thinking on cycling is way out of touch. Each of us can do something about this

Apart from the excellent campaign by “The Times”, I came across these stories:

London politicians give “qualified support” to TfL’s Bow Roundabout proposals (+ video) –

Father sets up travel charity after son’s death – The father of Sam Harding, who was killed while cycling on Holloway Road in 2011, wants to support young people –  Travel Weekly

Boris Bike Accident In Clerkenwell – Londonist

Shared space is the future for London’s roads – Evening Standard

Cycling in London – Assorted Links 01/02/2012

Boris Bike crushed by a lorry on Old Street Roundabout – Twitter

Boris, Ken, Brian or Jenny? Giving Londoners on bikes the “Yes We Can” factor – I bike London blog

Southwark Labour council sets out a strategy to shrink current growth in cycling, that also runs counter to Ken Livingstone’s cycling policy. – Cyclists in the City blog

‘My ward has been the scene of too much tragedy. Four cyclists have died in the last two years within a two-minute walk of my home’. The response to this situation in Southwark by its Labour council is utterly irresponsible– Cyclists in the City blog

I remember screaming ‘stop, stop’, says cyclist dragged under left-turning tanker – The Evening Standard

Mary Dejevsky: Why we should all fear for friends who insist on cycling in the city -The Independent

Transport minister Theresa Villiers involved in cycling accident – The Guardian

Cycling in London – Assorted Links 29/01/2012

‘You ride too rough!’ – London Cycling Campaign (LCC) refuse to back safety protests – Camden New Journal

Next Kings Cross action: Monday 6 February – Bikes Alive

Hop onboard an HGV and see what they can’t see – Guardian Bike Blog

JAYNE’S DAD: ‘END CYCLE OF DEATHS’ – Call from father of designer killed in 2010 Oxford Street crash – West End Extra

It’s not the cyclists cutting out motor traffic lanes at Tottenham Court Road. It’s Boris’s plan. But he’s not offering you any alternatives either. Want to cycle down from Camden instead of driving? Forget it. – Cyclists in the City

Friday Facility no.10 – Ampton Street, Camden – As Easy as riding a bike

Cyclist deaths in Southwark: “carnage has to end” says councillor – London SE1

Motorist fined over cyclist death threat – BBC

Cycling in London – Assorted Links 16/01/2012

Bikes Alive announces another demonstration on January 23 at King’s Cross (6pm)

Frustrated’ police officer confronts lawyer cyclist (on Edgware Road, London) – The  Telegraph

City of London starts to take Cyclists seriously, TfL’s proposals for a redesign of Bow roundabout are disappointing and cyclists should raise their voice in the mayoral election– Cyclists in the City blog

Cycling in Holland (as in Holland Road, that is – in London W14) – and inexperience as an excuse for drivers who hit cyclists – As Easy as Riding a Bike blog

Help solve mystery of the New Year’s Day cyclist found unconscious but unmarked – The Evening Standard

How even the most expensive Brompton pays for itself – my lastest blog post

Cycling in London – Assorted Links 12.01.2011

Good news about the cyclist who was run over by a lorry on Victoria Street on Tuesday: According to a post on the London Fixed Gear Forum, he “has had an operation and is hopefully going to be ok though his leg is in a bad way”.

Good news about Bow Roundabout as well: Finally,  Transport for London plans to make the roundabout saf(er) for cyclists, as they explain here.  London Cycling Campaign celebrates TfL’s move. Danny, who runs the brilliant “Cyclists in the City” blog,  asks: “Is this the start of something new or a one-off?” Mark, who does “I bike London” blog, gives a cautious welcome to change at Bow roundabout .

‘Scooting down’ Euston underpass – “As Easy as Riding a bike” discusses another example  of bad and dangerous cycling infrastructure in London

Mystery of accident victim in fight for life – Alpha Kabeja discovered comatose in street – Camden New Journal

Cyclists bring junction to standstill with rush hour protest – Camden New Journal

Cycling at King’s Cross – A new docking station for Boris bikes gives me shivers – my lastest blog post on the terrible situation around King’s Cross

Cycling in London – Assorted Links 11/01/2012

Monday 9 January 2012 (and onwards…) – Bikes Alive, the organiser of Monday’s protest at King’s Cross, draws a balance and complains about London Cycling Campaign (LCC) in a second blogpost.

Sustrans leads calls for London mayor to use walking and cycling to fight air pollution –

Calling London: LCC wants capital’s cyclists for photoshoot this weekend – London Cycling Campaign via

Ain’t Gonna Ride In London No More – Kevin Blowe explains why he does not cylce any more.