Cycling in London – Assorted Links 12.01.2011

Good news about the cyclist who was run over by a lorry on Victoria Street on Tuesday: According to a post on the London Fixed Gear Forum, he “has had an operation and is hopefully going to be ok though his leg is in a bad way”.

Good news about Bow Roundabout as well: Finally,  Transport for London plans to make the roundabout saf(er) for cyclists, as they explain here.  London Cycling Campaign celebrates TfL’s move. Danny, who runs the brilliant “Cyclists in the City” blog,  asks: “Is this the start of something new or a one-off?” Mark, who does “I bike London” blog, gives a cautious welcome to change at Bow roundabout .

‘Scooting down’ Euston underpass – “As Easy as Riding a bike” discusses another example  of bad and dangerous cycling infrastructure in London

Mystery of accident victim in fight for life – Alpha Kabeja discovered comatose in street – Camden New Journal

Cyclists bring junction to standstill with rush hour protest – Camden New Journal

Cycling at King’s Cross – A new docking station for Boris bikes gives me shivers – my lastest blog post on the terrible situation around King’s Cross

One thought on “Cycling in London – Assorted Links 12.01.2011

  1. None of the Above (formerly Adam Osen)

    I haven’t cycled much in London for the last few years, this morning I cycled to Bethnal Green from Chingford. It’s mad out there. When I got back I went to the police and picked up two Road Traffic Collision/Accident forms and will report two drivers. I’m sure they won’t do anything about it but they’ll have to go through the motions. There must be thousands of such incidents every day, if the police received even hundreds of forms every day they would have to pay attention.
    Do you have a database of offending vehicles?

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